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Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Posted on 17 Apr 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Please see the front page of this website for the most up to date information

New Trust Manager

Posted on 17 Apr 2020

Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust is pleased to announce that Simon Henderson has been appointed as its new Chief Executive and Trust Manager. Simon comes to the Trust from Macmillan Cancer Support, where he led the charity’s healthcare buildings and quality programmes. However, he started his professional life as an architect and conservation architect, and he is delighted to return to a place that he knows and admires.

Simon tells us:
“Hampstead Garden Suburb has been a place of international significance for over a century as well as an inspiring and desirable place in which to live. It remains a landmark of good practice in domestic architecture and planning that many modern developments aspire to but very few attain. The Trust’s legal duty is to maintain and preserve the character and amenities of the Suburb, and I will respect and reinforce what already works well.

“But in a time of change, the Trust must also be fit to serve the needs of the future as well as work effectively in the present. We must think beyond today, while ensuring that our stewardship of today is as good as it can be. 

“We cannot wait until the future comes upon us before we react. The Trust will therefore approach the evolving needs of the Suburb on an increasingly proactive basis.  Over the next few years, we want to anticipate, plan for and then to do whatever is within the Trust’s powers to enable a secure and resilient future for the Suburb. 

“While the Covid lockdown has forced us to curtail some of the Trust’s normal activity in order to protect residents and staff, I am pleased that we are still able to maintain a near-normal service in other areas.  We will keep the situation under constant review in line with government and NHS advice.  Please do look at the Trust website for the latest news, and thank you for your support in keeping the Suburb a special place during this difficult period.” 

The Trust itself has now moved to home working, but you can still contact us by email on mail@hgstrust.org or by phone on 020 8455 1066 (voice mail only). 

New Trustee Appointed

Posted on 07 Jan 2020

A new Trustee has joined the Trust Council following Jacqui Barnett's retirement as the Victorian Society’s appointed member. Jacqui leaves with the thanks of her fellow trustees and the staff for her commitment and contribution to the Trust over the past three years, and particularly in her work producing a new illustrated biography of Suburb architect Geoffry Lucas. The essay is available via the Trust website.

Jacqui is replaced by Dr Tye Blackshaw, who recently served on the Planning Committee of the Highgate Society. Dr Blackshaw also previously lived in Hampstead Garden Suburb for a decade. She joins the three other appointed (non–resident) members of the Trust Council - the other nominating bodies being the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), the Law Society, and the Royal Town Planning Institute. There are also four resident members of the Trust Council, elected by members of the Trust.

The Trust is a charity and holds its assets on behalf of all residents of Hampstead Garden Suburb. Any operating surplus is devoted to the maintenance of the Trust’s financial position, to the preservation of the character and amenity of the Suburb and supporting other charitable organisations. All Trustees are unpaid volunteers.

Trust Membership renewals going out in the post

Posted on 22 Nov 2019

Trust Members whose membership is about to expire have been sent renewal forms by post. Members will also receive an email reminder where we hold such details.

Membership lasts for three years and expires on 31 December of the third year. Those Members who are approaching the end of their third year will receive a renewal form in the post.

Trust Membership is separate to any ground rent or management charge payments, and is not automatic. A signed membership form must be submitted to the Trust by post or a scan via email.

Membership of the Trust is free, and enables interested parties to receive copies of the Trusts's annual reports and accounts and invitations to Trust events like the AGM and annual winter lecture. Full members can also vote in elections for Trust Council. More details on Trust Membership can be found here

Full membership is open to all those residents who have lived on the Suburb for three years or more, and is dependant only on residency, not home ownership. Membership is on an individual basis, rather than by household. Residents newer to the Suburb can join as Associate Member and will receive all the above benefits aside from voting rights.

If you would like to check your membership status, or you'd like to know more about Trust Membership, please ring the Trust office on 0208 455 1066 or email mail@hgstrust.org 

Trust Manager

Posted on 08 Nov 2019

Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust announces that Trust Manager Nick Packard has decided to leave the Trust in the coming months to take up a position with a London-based statutory body.

Raymond Taylor, Chairman of the Trust, said "I would like to thank Nick for his contribution during his 10 years' service with the Trust, including 5 years as the Trust Manager.  He has contributed significantly to the continued improvement of the Trust's finances and the maintenance of its estate whilst remaining focused on the Trust’s core role of preserving the character and amenity of the Suburb through the exercise of its controls as landlord of the Suburb.  We wish him well in his next challenge."

As a result the Trust has begun the process to appoint a successor.  A further announcement will be made in due course.

2019 Trust Election Results

Posted on 27 Sep 2019

The Trust has received the result of the 2019 Trustee election, which is reproduced below in the prescribed form.

The votes for this year's Trust Council election have been counted and verified by our auditors, haysmacintyre. 417 valid ballot papers were received. There were 6 rejected papers. Two resident Trustee positions were up for election, with three candidates standing. Brian Ingram received 151 votes. Maralyn Roberts received 276 votes. Richard Townley received 362 votes. Therefore Maralyn Roberts and Richard Townley have been elected as Trustees.

Bute Mews provisional consent

Posted on 21 Aug 2019

The Trust has given provisional consent to carry out the following works at Bute Mews, Market Place:

Demolition of existing garages and erection of six 2 storey houses; associated landscaping.

The drawings can be viewed on this webpage.

2019 Trust AGM information

Posted on 08 Aug 2019

The Trust's 2019 Annual General Meeting is to be held on Wednesday 11 September 2019 in the Henrietta Barnett School Hall, Central Square NW11.

There will be a period for informal conversation over light refreshment at the beginning of the evening, and doors will open at 7.30pm for that purpose.

The business will commence at 8.00pm; official notice of the meeting has been sent to all Members, and can be downloaded as a PDF here. For more information on Trust Membership, click here.

Suburb residents who want to check if they are currently a Trust Member are asked to email the Membership Secretary via mail@hgstrust.org with details of their full name and residential address.

New biography of Geoffry Lucas just published

Posted on 12 Mar 2019

A brand new biography of Hampstead Garden Suburb architect Geoffry Lucas has just been published by the Trust.

Geoffry Lucas designed some 40 Suburb houses, as well as others at Hitchin, Letchworth, and further afield. He was also a respected writer and speaker on the subjects of ecclesiastical architecture, and his illustrations and essays were published widely.

He is celebrated on the Suburb not just through individual houses but also in the naming of some of his works as at Lucas Crescent on Willifield Way, and Lucas Square on Hampstead Way.

This new 5,000-word illustrated essay on Geoffry Lucas has been researched and written by architectural historian Jacqueline Barnett, and is available now on the Trust website.

The new Lucas biography joins others available on our website on the likes of Crickmer, Sutcliffe and Butler, and we hope to add more over time.

Aston watercolours now on show in the HGS virtual museum

Posted on 13 Nov 2018

We are pleased to announce that a collection of watercolours of the Suburb made in the 1920s is now available to browse online via the HGS Heritage virtual museum.



The collection of around 40 images shows various Suburb scenes painted between 1923-1925 by William Isaac Aston, a mathematical instrument maker who lived on the Suburb at the time. The collection is dedicated to Aston's son A. Ewart Aston, who was an architect to the Hampstead Garden Suburb Tenants, and has around fifty Suburb properties to his name.




The paintings portray the Suburb at various times of the year, and the majority are easily recognisable almost one hundred years on. Despite the inevitable softness of the watercolour medium, Aston had an eye for detail and his paintings stand up to close scrutiny. The collection also showcases Aston's skill for representing all seasons, with the verdant leaves, pink blossoms and murky woodland familiar to all who love the Suburb.



As the hand-bound album of watercolours is rather delicate, it has not been possible to make them available for public display since they were purchased by the Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust until now. The purpose of the virtual museum is to make Suburb-related artefacts accessible to everyone, and this makes it the perfect place to display the Aston watercolours.

We have made high resolution scans of the 8x6" paintings, and the virtual museum website allows visitors to click into and zoom in on each image to see them in far greater detail than would be possible in a physical display.

The collection of Aston watercolours is available on the HGS Heritage virtual museum at this address: https://hgsheritage.org.uk/Detail/collections/WIAW001

2018 Trust Election Results

Posted on 20 Sep 2018

The Trust has received the result of the 2018 Trustee election, which is reproduced below in the prescribed form.

The votes for this year's Trust Council election have been counted and verified by our auditors, haysmacintyre. 422 valid ballot papers were received. There were 9 rejected papers. One resident Trustee position was up for election, with two candidates standing. Brian Ingram received 130 votes. Raymond Taylor received 292 votes. Therefore Raymond Taylor has been elected as a Trustee.

2018 Trust AGM information

Posted on 13 Aug 2018

The Trust's 2018 Annual General Meeting is to be held on Wednesday 5 September 2018 in the Henrietta Barnett School Hall, Central Square NW11.

There will be a period for informal conversation over light refreshment at the beginning of the evening, and doors will open at 7.30pm for that purpose.

The business will commence at 8.00pm; official notice of the meeting has been sent to all Members, and can be downloaded as a PDF here. For more information on Trust Membership, click here.

Suburb residents who want to check if they are currently a Trust Member are asked to email the Membership Secretary via mail@hgstrust.org with details of their full name and residential address.

Trust Annual Report and Accounts for 2017/2018 published

Posted on 19 Jul 2018

The Trust's Annual Report and Accounts for 2017/2018 has been published, and copies will be sent by post to all Trust Members in the next few weeks. Copies will also shortly be available from the Trust office, and the PDF can be downloaded from our website.

To find out more about becoming a Member of the Trust company, see here.

Opt-in to receive notification on Trust applications subject to more extensive consultation

Posted on 04 Jul 2018

In line with the Trust’s Consultation Policy, we aim to seek the opinions of interested parties on applications for proposed changes in the appearance of buildings and/or the land on which they stand in the Suburb. Routinely, the Trust notifies nearby neighbours regarding applications to a property.  On certain applications, which may have a broader impact, the Trust notifies a wider group, including those residents who have opted-in to receive such notifications from the Trust.

Any resident or owner of a property on the Suburb (whether or not a member of the Trust) who wishes to register for optional notifications on more extensive consultations from the Trust by e mail should e mail mail@hgstrust.org with details of their name and residential address, requesting to opt-in to receiving correspondence on any or all of the following:

  1. Trust events (e.g. Winter Lecture)
  2. Consultation on certain applications, in line with our consultation policy
  3. Trust e-newsletter

Please note that it is not possible to register to receive notification of more extensive consultation notifications by postal letter as these are sent by e mail. Routine notifications will continue to be sent to nearby neighbours by postal letter.

Any resident on the Suburb who is not a member of the Trust, and wishes to become one, may do so by completing and returning the form available here. There is no cost and liability is limited to £1 per member.

Sunshine Corner and Central Square update

Posted on 30 Apr 2018

The weather can't make its mind up, but if you have seen Central Square and Sunshine Corner recently, you'll see that Spring is well on its way. At Central Square, the new beds are looking lush and healthy, with the early crocuses and daffodils dying back, making way for yet more flashes of colour and healthy new growth.

And at Sunshine Corner, after a long winter and the beds looking rather bare, the planting is beginning to emerge from the cold earth as green shoots reach for the sun.

Keep an eye on both sites over the coming months as Sunshine Corner's new arrangement establishes itself further, and Central Square continues to flourish with year-round interest.

If you have any questions about either site, please contact the Trust office on 0208 455 1066 / 0208 458 8085 or mail@hgstrust.org

HGS Trust 2017 Winter Lecture a Great Success

Posted on 05 Dec 2017

HGST 2017 Winter Lecture

Thank you to all who attended this year's Trust Winter Lecture.

In recent years, the Trust has organised several winter lectures on a variety of subjects in hopes to interest, entertain and provoke thought among the audience.

This year there was a warm atmosphere at the Henrietta Barnett School for this well-attended event, despite the cold air outside. Residents and others with an interest in town planning, the Suburb and related subjects came together to mingle, and enjoy a glass of wine and a mince pie or two, before taking a seat for the lecture. We were especially pleased to welcome the Mayor of Barnet, Cllr Brian Salinger.

Our special guest speaker this year was Simon Conibear, who for many years was Estate Director for Poundbury, the Duchy of Cornwall's urban extension of Dorchester.

Simon delivered an interesting, thought-provoking, and often rather amusing lecture which covered the establishment and development of the project.

Although it could be argued there are more differences than similarities between Poundbury and Hampstead Garden Suburb, Simon's presentation brought a number of interesting points for the audience to consider, in terms of town planning, residential building design, and vernacular styles of architecture, amongst others.

It was particularly illuminating to see Poundbury's approach to the use of local architectural styles and building materials in stark contrast to other modern housing developments.

Simon's fascinating and well-illustrated lecture also generated a number of salient questions from the audience.

We hope everyone had an enjoyable evening.

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