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In order to fulfil its role in protecting the character and amenity of Hampstead Garden Suburb, the Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust (‘the Trust’) collects and processes personal data. For more information on the Trust’s activities, see What the Trust Does.  

In general, the data collected for these purposes relates to properties located within Hampstead Garden Suburb and their owners, or their agents. The Trust’s legal/contractual basis for processing this data is provided under the Scheme of Management for freehold properties, or the terms of the lease for a leasehold property where the Trust is the freeholder. As a long term landlord, the Trust intends to keep records for as long as the property it manages exists.

What personal information does the Trust collect?

Information provided by you

The Trust keeps a record of property owners within Hampstead Garden Suburb, along with copies of correspondence relating to those properties. The Trust records contact details including names of owners, email addresses, telephone numbers and forwarding addresses provided by owners of properties in Hampstead Garden Suburb. This information may be provided by you for a variety of reasons when contacting the Trust. The Trust reserves the right to use any of that information in connection with the legal or contractual basis for contacting you in connection with your Suburb property.

Information the Trust obtains from elsewhere

The Trust may also collect personal information relating to Suburb properties from third party sources including agents acting on your behalf, the Land Registry, the local authority, or from other legal or Government agencies.

Who does the Trust share information with?

The Trust may share your information with trusted third party data processors to enable it to fulfil its primary role, described above. For example, in connection with the storage and retrieval of personal data, personal data is held on an electronic system that is maintained by a third party IT consultancy. Personal data is also shared with consultants who carry out work on behalf of the Trust. All third parties processing personal data on behalf of the Trust are obliged to sign an agreement that limits them to only processing such data for the purposes defined by the Trust, and that all data is either handed back to the Trust or destroyed at the cessation of the agreement.

Privacy policy relating to the Trust website

Data Privacy

The Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust website (www.hgstrust.org) does not directly collect any information from its visitors; however it does make use of some third party services as detailed below.

Third party services

The Trust website makes use of a third party tool called Google Analytics. This tool places a small file called a cookie on your computer which allows Google to give the Trust some anonymised information on its website visitors.

The Trust uses this information to help it better understand the needs of its website users, for example, to see which pages are most popular, or how people land on the site (for example via search terms). This helps the Trust provide a better service to Suburb residents and other stakeholders.

For more information, Google’s privacy policy regarding partner tools including Google Analytics can be found here: https://policies.google.com/privacy/partners?hl=en

External services

Users of the Trust website can also make bookings to use the Trust’s own tennis courts on Central Square. This service is linked to, but not hosted on, the Trust’s own website. It is provided by a third party called Reservio.

Reservio collects information given by users including their name, telephone number, email address and the first line of their address. These are all used to ensure the courts are only used by Suburb residents, and so that Trust staff can contact users where necessary.

This information, along with the date and time of bookings, is sent to the Trust to allow it to administer use of the courts. This information is never used by Reservio for any other purposes, and is not given by the Trust or Reservio to any other third parties.

For more information, please see Reservio’s privacy policy: https://www.reservio.com/privacy-policy/

Data retention

The Trust retains personal data where it has an ongoing business, legal, or contractual need to do so in relation to fulfilling its primary role, as described above.

Data Security

The Trust uses appropriate levels of security when storing your personal data, both for records kept on paper, and those held electronically.

Your rights

The vast majority of personal data held by the Trust is held on a legal or contractual basis. Where the Trust collects personal data from you which was given with your consent, e.g. when providing your contact details to be notified about Trust Member events, then you may withdraw such consent at any time. This will not affect personal data held by the Trust on a legal or contractual basis. If you wish to correct or access any personal data held by the Trust, or you wish to withdraw consent where it has been given previously, please contact us via the details below. The Trust may require additional information from you to verify your identity and to fully understand the scope of your enquiry.

Last updated: May 2018

Last reviewed: March 2024

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