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To register as a Member of the Trust

Trust Membership is FREE, voluntary, and is completely separate to the management charge, or membership of other organisations such as the HGS Residents Association. Please scroll down below the form if you wish to read more about Trust Membership.

Please fill in the form below to join as a Member. You will then be sent confirmation and further information once your application has been verified by Trust staff.

Please note that Membership is on an individual basis - any number of adult members of a Suburb household may join as a member, but all individuals must fill in the form separately.

If you experience any issues with the form, or to check if you are currently a Member, or if you have any other questions, please email mail@hgstrust.org. If the form below does not work, please click this link to access the application form on its own page.

Trust Membership

The requirement for Full Membership is that you have lived continuously on the Suburb for the past 3 years or longer. There are no restrictions regarding the number of members per household but each person should fill in a separate form. This map shows the boundaries of the area covered by the Scheme of Management - Members must live within this area.

Trust Membership is entirely separate to payment of the management charge or ground rent, and is not automatic by virtue of being a resident - you must apply using the form above. It is also completely separate to membership of the HGS Residents Association.

The Trust strives to conserve and maintain the unique architecture and planning of the Suburb which makes it an outstanding Conservation Area. Trust Members should include all residents who believe that this conservation is worthwhile.

If you move out of the Suburb your Membership will cease automatically.

Your Membership will last until you cease to reside on the Suburb, or if you contact the Trust asking to cease your Membership manually.

Benefits of Full Membership:

  • Receipt of the Annual Report and Accounts of the Company
  • Participation in Suburb management through the Annual General Meeting
  • Voting rights in Trust Council elections and at Annual General Meetings
  • Invitations to exclusive Members events such as the Winter Lecture

Your contact details will only be used to keep you updated about the work of the Trust. They will not be shared with any third parties.

The Trust differs from most companies in that while fulfilling its objective to conserve and maintain the character and amenities of the Suburb it produces no profits or dividends. The Trust does not have shareholders but Members; who have no financial commitment beyond a limited liquidation liability of £1.

The eight Trustees who are the company directors (known as the Trust Council) are volunteers. Four of the Trustees are appointed by outside organisations (Law Society, Royal Institute of British Architects, Royal Town Planning Institute and Victorian Society); the other four Trustees are residents elected by Trust Members.

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