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If you would like advice on potential alterations to your property, please email planning@hgstrust.org. We are very happy to discuss the principle of potential alterations, give free pre-application advice and if we feel that a site visit would be beneficial we can also arrange this.

The Trust and Barnet Council do not wish to prevent residents from altering their houses without good reason. But both want to ensure that changes are in keeping with the spirit of the original design and layout of the area.

Both recognise that the Suburb is not a museum but a living community. In modernising their homes, residents may want larger kitchens and family rooms, or to use roof space for additional accommodation.

Often this can be done without spoiling the character of the house or the neighbourhood. However, in some cases the proposed changes may not retain the special character of the building and cannot be approved.

There is such a large variety of houses on the Suburb that each application has to be considered individually. The kind of extension or alteration suitable for one type of house might be inappropriate for another. It is impossible to lay down a uniform set of rules for the whole Suburb.

For full guidance and advice on alterations please view our Design Guidance brochure.

Freeholders are subject to a Scheme of Management passed by the High Court in 1974, while in the case of most leaseholders the Trust is the ground landlord.

Residents are required to get the prior approval of the Trust before altering the external appearance of their properties. Consent is also required for significant changes to gardens, erection of garden sheds, removal of hedges and felling or pruning of trees.

Application for Trust Consent


Stages for Getting Trust Consent

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