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Technical Guides

These Technical Guidance Leaflets are published by the Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust and are intended to give general background information and advice to residents, contractors, architects, and others commissioned to design new work, alterations or extensions in the Suburb. They are not intended to be a substitute for employing proper professional advice, and they assume that the reader will have the necessary technical background and practical experience.

There is a wide variety of types of building in the Suburb and it is impossible to lay down a series of rules which will be applicable in all cases. Therefore the advice and hints which are given in these guides must be applied in a sensitive and thoughtful way. It will be possible to find an exception to almost every rule and statement. All those with a specific interest should look around at the existing building or at others by the same architect. They should remember that alterations may have taken place since the building was built, and should not be misled into copying something which is not original.

The original drawings of Suburb buildings are often available from the Hampstead Garden Suburb Archive which is held at the London Metropolitan Archives.

The Trust Architectural Advisers are always ready to discuss proposals or particular problems related to buildings, and give their best advice. It must however be clearly understood that all advice is given without prejudice to the decision of the Trust Council, either to grant or withhold consent, or to impose conditions.

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