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Trust Procedures

The Trust operates according to written procedures agreed by the Trust Council. These procedures are detailed below.


When making decisions regarding applications for consent, the Trust will seek the opinions of interested parties on land it controls, whether through the Scheme of Management or under the terms of a lease, or by any other means. The decisions will be made according to the criteria laid out in the Design Guidance for the Suburb, and the extent of the consultation process will vary with the significance of the application.

Consultation Policy (PDF)


Every application is always considered on its merits. Under both the Scheme and some leases the Trust must not unreasonably withhold its consent. The Trust Council is keen, wherever possible, to reach a mutually satisfactory solution with applicants and will sometimes defer determination of an application so that amendments can be made to the proposal. In other cases the Trust will refuse consent. The note on the review procedure, below, explains the circumstances in which an applicant will be given an opportunity to have their application reconsidered following a refusal.

Review Procedure (PDF)


Complaints about any of the policies or actions of the Trust or its staff, or with reference to any financial charges made by the Trust, should be made in the first instance to the Trust Manager. In the case of refusal of consent to alter the appearance of a property, under either the Scheme of Management or the terms of a lease, the Trust operates an internal Review Procedure, above.

The Trust Manager will endeavour to resolve other complaints by informally arranging as necessary a meeting or meetings to discuss the matter with the Trust staff and, as appropriate, with one or more Trustees. If the issue cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the person making the complaint then the complainant should put their complaint in writing to the Chairman who will draw it to the attention of the Trust Council. The complaints procedure operated by the Trust and further information is available below.

Complaints Procedure (PDF)

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