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Scheme of Management

The 1967 Leasehold Reform Act enabled the ground landlords of selected 'well run' estates to apply to the High Court to set up a Scheme of Management which would bring many alterations to the appearance of the estate under its control. The Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust is thus empowered to control changes to the appearance of the buildings and landscapes of the area. It also offers advice to residents and building owners on the repair and sympathetic alteration of their homes and gardens.

Today the Suburb survives relatively intact, accurately reflecting Henrietta Barnett's and Raymond Unwin's original vision. It is visited and enjoyed by many as, in Nikolaus Pevsner's words, "the most nearly perfect example of that English invention and speciality, the garden suburb". It remains a very popular place to live, vigorously protected by residents for themselves and for the future.

In Country Life in October 1936, Christopher Hussey wrote: "As an example of creative planning... the Suburb must be recognised as the most successful contribution... to the problems of housing and of metropolitan expansion that has yet been made in this country." It is the Trust's aim to ensure that this achievement continues to survive as an attractive residential environment and milestone in the history of English architecture and Town Planning.

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