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Suburb Architects

Below you will find a selection of biographies and galleries of some of the Suburb's early architects.

  • Cecil George Butler (1897 - 1947)
    • Designed some 640 Suburb buildings between 1922 and 1938.
  • Courtenay Melville Crickmer (1879 - 1971)
    • Designed many buildings at Hampstead and at Letchworth, and worked alongside Raymond Unwin at Gretna and Eastriggs during the First World War.
  • Geoffry Lucas (1872 - 1947)
    • Designed 38 buildings at Hampstead and many more at Letchworth, Hitchin and elsewhere.
  • George Lister Sutcliffe (1864 - 1915)
    • Designed around 400 Suburb buildings, as well as others at Brentham and Wavertree.
  • Charles Paget Wade (1883 - 1956)
    • Designed a small number of Suburb structures and houses, as well as illustrating Raymond Unwin's Town Planning in Practice

For more on the architects who helped shape the Suburb we know today, head over to the Virtual Museum to enjoy our exhibition 'Elements of Domestic Design' on Suburb Architects.


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